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Разработчик BeblowSquared
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Easy calculation of parlay payouts for people who enjoy parlaying sports bets.

Are you frustrated trying to calculate out parlays in your head, especially after a few drinks? Tired of recalculating long payouts for different scenarios? myParlay allows you to easily calculate out parlay payouts based on the U.S. moneyline odds convention. The calculator allows you to edit individual odds amounts so you dont have to recalculate variations of a parlay from the beginning. The calculator also allows you to see your total ticket on one screen so you can easily see how each game contributes to the overall payout. This application is a must for those who enjoy parlaying sports bets.

- Based on the U.S. moneyline odds convention
- Calculate up to a 10 game parlay
- Calculations update immediately
- Calculations include probability of win
- Web browser within app to browse favorite sporting sites
- Camera access and photo browsing within app to store and retrieve parlay information
- Ability to email parlay details in text or image format
- Simple and user friendly interface